Kevin - Lead Vocals

Kevin - Lead Vocals

Kevin – Lead Vocals

Born in Torphins in Deeside in 1969, Kevin grew up in Aberdeen. At college in Edinburgh he was vocalist with The Clyde Valley Surfers, (who's members included Charlie Chung (NBNK's Bassist)), they were a regular fixture at the college union as well as venues in and around Edinburgh. He also stepped in as vocalist with another band at college called The Custard Creams. Niall Franchi (NBNK’s drummer) was the drummer in the Custard Creams.

He worked as a Stage Manager for various theatres around Scotland eventually joining The Singing Kettle. Now he has swapped sides and performs as one third of the Singing Kettle children’s show; touring all over the country and beyond including by Royal appointment to the King and Queen of Jordan. 

He moved with his wife, Traci and daughters, Hannah and Emily, to Glenfarg, Perthshire in 2004. They have a Labrador and three cats

Kevin and Charlie have also formed a duo called '3′za Crowd’, who perform acoustic versions of some of the NBNK favourites, as well as other songs, from all different songbooks, perhaps less suited to a rock ‘n’ roll makeover. Look out for them on Facebook.

Kevin also performs solo gigs.

Raymond - Lead Guitar

Raymond - Lead Guitar

Raymond – Lead Guitar

I learned to play without tuition from the age of 14 and music continues to reveal itself to me little by little. The diversity of NBNK’s catalogue affords a continuous challenge to an untutored musician.

My role in the band, as I see it, is to bring more up to date songs to the fore, to keep the Kazoo solos to a minimum and to continue to skulk furtively in the shadows.

Guitar Hero:- David Gilmour

Last album bought:- Jamie Woon - Mirror Writing


Best gig with NBNK:- the next one



Jeff - Rhythm Guitar

m)Jeff - Rhythm Guitar

Jeff – Rhythm Guitar

When not climbing big white snowy pointy things in the Himalayas of Nepal (www.catreks.com), my life is in quite peaceful solitude and bliss of family life in the remote hills of Lesmahagow; running an organic smallholding - size isn't everything!!!

Playing music is part of the hermit existence but every now and then I allow myself out to play with the band to give me some contact with other members of the human race.

Born and bred in Galloway, my first band  was called Aragon. In order to get my first guitar I was forced by my Mum to get my hair cut - she wouldn't buy me the instrument otherwise. So at the tender age of 14, I tasted the first bitter fruits of bribery and corruption in the music industry! Since then I have avoided all possibilities of fame and fortune in case I was exposed to this heinous type of music crime again. I promised band members that if we ever became famous I would have to leave on a point of principle and go and do something more purposeful like rubbing Ralgex into turnips or something equally fulfilling. Music continued to play an important role in my existence and from Scottish contemporary folk bands to middle age something happened; I had a choice to make between a Harley Davidson and a rock 'n' roll band. As you can't fall off a rock 'n' roll band and kill yourself (not easily anyway) the choice was obvious. Yes, yes, I know you can fall off big pointy snowy white things but I'm better on them than I am at riding a powerful engine on two wheels. My, thankfully still living, pillion passenger will testify to that. We came off a Norton Commando 850 CC in 1977 at 60mph!

Never shy, but always wanted to be. Talkative, but never wanted to be.  - I said this.

To do is to be - Neitche said this

To think is to be - Sartre said this

Do be do be do be  - Sinatra said this

So with a great sigh, sense of fun, justice and general enjoyment of life; I have to say I'm Not Big but I am Klevir(ish)

Live life on love! (yes, OK I was a hippie in the 60s and 70s!)


Niall - Drums

Niall - Drums

Niall – Drums

My Biog by Niall age 40 1/4 yrs
Glamour, glitz,
Girls exposing their t##s,
Life as a musician was always my dream.
From 5 years to today, I’d practise each day
With fame never to come it would seem.

So I called you know who,
Got him out of the loo,
To see if I could come and join in.
As we did once before, Kev, me, plus some four,
Custard Creams, turned up loud, what a din!

So I dusted my kit,
(Found to be missing a bit),
But it worked with some tape, glue and gum.
With a crash and a bang, together we sang,
Now it’s Not Big Not Klevir, we’ve become.

Many gigs we would play,
Coming home the next day,
As back home waited Arch, Millie and Jude.
The crowds danced and drank beer, and as one they would cheer
A musician I’d become, I felt good!

But my dream there it ended,
All this time I’d pretended,
When the truth did came out, what a bummer!
My dream shattered to bits, were no girls flashing t##s,
Cause I’m really an off-beat, old drummer!!

Charlie - Bass & Vocals

Charlie - Bass & Vocals

Joined Not Big Not Klevir in Sept 2009 on bass and vocals.

 The second son of Chinese parents from Hong Kong, Charlie was born in Edinburgh and raised in the village of Leven followed by the metropolis that is Kirkcaldy. Music and guitars were a permanent feature of his early life but it wasn’t until the age of 21 that the stalking career began with the band The Clyde Valley Surfers. He hung around until the band members were so disturbed that they took the unprecedented step of allowing him into the band; just to keep an eye on him.                                                                                                               

To break this obsession, Charlie moved to the USA in 1996, but on his return a chance encounter with Kevin Macleod (also a former member of  The Clyde Valley Surfers) caused a major relapse and led to the stalking of Not Big Not Klevir for the next three years. The band members deserve much credit for holding out so long, but the final outcome was inevitable. History repeated itself when they finally broke down and let him in.

Charlie is proud to have the opportunity to bring his personal baggage and skeletons to the pool of dysfunction that is Not Big Not Klevir, but all for the cause of good rock music.

Charlie is also half of the duo;3′za Crowd’, with Kevin. For more details go to: www.3zacrowd.com


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